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It's 7pm somewhere on earth...what are you doing?

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Welcome to Project:7pm. This is a new concept from the mind of a few crazy Belgians (invaderdavy and friend) with the aspirations of a weird American (halloween) who thought it was a good idea and decided to steal the credit and make it into a livejournal community (like a good American). And like good Belgians, they rolled over and played dead and let me take the idea here as long as I gave them credit. Which I grudgingly agreed to.

So what is Project:7pm?

Project:7pm is an online photo community with only one requirement for all photographs taken and posted. They have to be taken at 7pm.


At 7pm, take a picture of whatever it is you're doing. Post it here. And write a small entry about what it is.


Shut up. Because that'd be awesome.

Who can join?

Anybody, really. Belgians, Americans, The French, Chinese...Heck, even Canadians!

How did this idea start?

Project 7pm was originally started by the creator of http://www.pjm.be and the original 7pm photos can be seen here. The idea was started back in January of this year, but was abandoned shortly after by the creator. So this is sort of a re-creation.

Maintained & Created by halloween and invaderdavy.